About Dr. Lori Barr

Lori L. Barr, M. D. is a partner in one of the top five radiology practices in the United States, trainer of hundreds of radiologists and creator of the Toast the Best Radiologists Celebration. An expert in pediatric imaging, ultrasound and medical education, she has authored 47 scientific publications including the Handbook of Pediatric Imaging.

After 25 years on the faculty of medical schools and 12 years in private practice, she enjoys educating the public on the integral role radiologists play in personal and community vitality. A sought after international speaker, she has shared the stage with acclaimed scientists, dignitaries and educators in a variety of fields. She encourages and is encouraged by growth, unity and celebration on the boards of universities, hospitals and other organizations she serves.

Lori lives in Austin, Texas with her family where the spirit of optimism is alive and well.

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